Martin Rästa’s interactive sound installation “Impact domain” (“Mõjuvald”) deconstructs the nature of impact mechanisms in an empirical context via a spontaneously controlled sound space. Whereas the installation “Perceptional sphere” (“Tajusfäär”) unveiled in the same space during the first Üle Heli festival in 2015 was inspired by the notion of Merkwelt in Jakob von Uexküll’s Umwelt theory, Martin Rästa’s installation takes as its point of departure another underlying notion of the same theory, which is Wirkwelt. Furthermore, the installation is dedicated to the centenary of the legendary musical instrument teremini.

Martin Rästa is a graphic designer, interdisciplinary artist and musician who has dedicated the majority of his creative output to a synthesis of the visual and sound as well as to an integration thereof in various experimental forms and media. An important place in his creative output is held by cognitive processes and an empirical cognition of the world coupled with an interest in essential issues.

The Üle Heli music festival of cross-sound levels focuses on the meaningfulness of music and its links to various spheres of art instead of genre definitions. The festival, held since 2015, aims to provide this year a summation of the various sound- and space-related topics under consideration to date.