“Experiments with the horizon” focuses on the interrelations between sound and space at the level of imaginings. Whereas in the case of the kick-off concert by the same name at last year’s festival the allusion to experimentation with the horizon was linked to the aspiration of the former label Ulmeplaadid to bring remote locations, inaccessible at the normal level, into the listener’s scope of imagination by means of otherworldly sounds, this year the plan is to amplify the same aspiration through interventions and fusions with various spheres of acoustic sound, from folksy soundscapes and outdoor recordings to contemporary music.
Collaboratively with ERSO’s Chamber Orchestra, new musical compositions by Sander Saarmets, Liis Viira and Juhan Vihterpal will be performed at the participation of the authors. Additionally on stage will be the psychedelic raw folk trio of Eeter, Wondering O (Mihkel Tomberg) and Aivar Tõnso. Visuals by Tencu.

The Üle Heli music festival of cross-sound levels focuses on the meaningfulness of music and its links to various spheres of art instead of genre definitions. The festival, held since 2015, aims to provide this year a summation of the various sound- and space-related topics under consideration to date.