A new production is ready for the stage – “LÄVI” (meaning both ‘threshold’ and ‘communicate’) is Renate Keerd’s fifth production with the Tartu New Theatre. It’s characteristic of Renate to keep the audience in the dark about what she has in store for them. The only clue is the title. And so it seems there’s nothing more to add. However, one thing you can count on is that you can expect something special.

Renate Keerd’s productions have been described as positive, playful and metaphysical, offering a sensitive and witty take on social phenomena and processes in a unique artistic style. Her productions have been performed at numerous theatre and contemporary dance festivals in Europe, Scandinavia and Asia. In 2012 she founded her own company of physical theatre Kompanii Nii. Keerd’s production titled “PURE MIND” won the Grand Prix at the international theatre festival in Minsk and in 2017 it participated in the prestigious Chekhov Theatre Festival in Moscow. In 2018 Renate won the Grand Prize of the Estonian Cultural Endowment in the field of Dramatic Arts. Also in 2018 she was awarded the Performing Arts prize at the annual Estonian Theatre Awards for the productions of “TAHE” (WILL) and “VAIMUKUSKUSS”.