You disgust me. I love you. You should be put to death. Feel my skin. You had it too easy the last time. Where should we go on a vacation to? Your children will be taken from you, you fucker. I made you some sweet egg pudding, we'll eat together, won't we? Why are you so late? Your hair up like this is very nice, it suits you. You're a mother fucking slut. I love you.

"You Will See So Many Pretty Things" is a play about violence between those have come together through gentle emotions. A grotesque glimpse of the dark rooms you wouldn't usually see as they are hidden behind curtains of your daily life. Cruelty and evil that is polished and groomed. "You Will See So Many Pretty Things" is a visual love story that has no expected end.

Emer Värk is a visual artist who has worked with a wide variety of contemporary theater directors on over thirty productions. "You Will See So Many Pretty Things" is his directing debut. Why is there so much latent violence in society? At what point does a mutually supportive relationship become something utterly destructive? How can violence become normal and tolerable? Distorted humor, cabaret and sonic landscapes, light and images and of course the actors create total darkness on the stage. Death. Rite. Prayer. Purity.