Video documentation of "Talk to me" is recorded in Helsinki in 2011 and is available for watching until the 26th of March.

“My mother, my father, my aunts, my four sisters – they are my family… My daughter? My daughter is not my family she is my daughter… I don’t know about my boyfriend. Boyfriends may come and go. There’s a bigger trust needed inside the family… My boyfriend is just my hobby…”

“Talk to Me” revolves around the problematics related to the performativity.

On top of zigzaging across the osmotic line separating the character and the performer as well as humorously playing with the duality of addresser and addressee it tries to describe the microcosm of an individual.

Performances in general are often seen as games with certain codes which seemingly stand apart from our everyday life. We often think of the time spent in the theatre as being in another fictional world. How much do we believe in what we see on stage? Who is talking to us? A character of a play or a person who happens to be on stage?

“Changing a word into a movement and a movement slipping into a word becomes a unique final result. “Talk To Me” rolls in a natural rhythm, forming a patchwork quilt consisting of strips. Performers will part to a persons, everyone developing his own path. “Talk To Me” is also very melodical. After the performance ends, it is not clear to the audience, what is it exactly that we are dealing with – Another person? A world? An art? But without a doubt it is something eager, tender and caring.”
Maria Säkö, Helsingin Sanomat 21.08.2011