My lovers create me. And I them. When they believe I’m ready, (and I always trust my lovers), they let others see me as well. Sometimes, they have entire buildings just for the soul purpose of exposing me. They call those buildings museums. So I am there and people come. If I please them, they take photos of me. To some I have this peculiar effect. Or affect? Which is it? Some see me and feel their heart racing, their knees weak, some even begin to hallucinate. Doctors have even given this peculiarity a name -- the Stendhal Syndrome. After Stendhal.

Karl Koppelmaa’s new work tackles the most common love triangle in history (of art).

Karl Koppelmaa is a playwright and director and a graduate of EMTA's drama school, who has already been noticed nationally and internationally.

Teater KELM was founded by great people of Culture Club KELM and the alumni of the 27th theatre class of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. But why? In a very selfish reason - to create a place of total creative freedom, a place to to deal with human values or the lack of them; a place where to be honest (also while lying). It is also a place that is opened to collabarations with other theaters to futher the culture in Estonia and why not around the world. But that is for the future to tell.