Nancy Nakamura Räpipunt

  1. Nancy Nakamura’s Rap Crew is not Nancy Nakamura’s Shelf of Ideas
  2. If Nancy Nakamura’s Shelf of Ideas was an apple tree, Nancy Nakamura’s Rap Crew would be the new apple tree that grew from a seed in an apple that dropped to the ground in the autumn.
  3. So in that case, the performance of Nancy Nakamura’s Rap Crew is the crisp and mild sparkling wine, warm even when ice cold, made from the fruits of this new tree.
  4. Nancy Nakamura’s Rap Crew is liina pääsuke, IRMELI, MAAKAS and Ookean to the lyrics of Kadi Estland.
  5. At the NU Performance Festival, we are popping the cork of our first bottle of wine and serving it from crystal mugs.

    liina pääsuke (born in Rapla in 1990) is a performative context artist whose artistic education was kicked off at an art history lesson in year 10 at the Old Town Educational College and took off in 2013 in Nancy Nakamura’s Ideas Shelf. She has taken part in several international group exhibitions and organised several group and solo exhibitions, including the first anniversary exhibition Happy Happy Hard Times in 2015 at the Educational Centre of the Estonian Defence League in Lõõla, Järvamaa county.

    IRMELI (born in Tallinn in 1992) is an audio-visual performance artist whose work, in search of a new quality, combines sensuality and sobriety, brightness and darkness, nihilism and utopism. She has studied dance, singing, performance art, installation and new media. Her latest performance Alone Together Together Alone (Vienna, Austria) has been compared to the work of both Tracey Emin and Marina Abramović. In addition to rapping in the Nancy Nakamura Rap Crew, she is currently working on her solo exhibition.

    MAAKAS (born in Paide in 2002) is a country lad enjoying life. He has been turning a phrase from a very young age and was the graduate of the first class of Estonia’s SoundCloud rappers; in addition to the classics of SoundCloud rap, the illusionary BASS BOOSTED parking lot chill rap, his hefty rap portfolio also includes more experimental deep rap as well as sentimental rap that has won over the hearts of nearly a quarter of the population of Estonia.

    Ookean (born in Paide in 1999) is a new wave one-man-army, coming to shake things up from the drumlins of Järvamaa. His musical style is a primal soup of old and new, a mix of rave, hip-hop and Eurodance. He gets his force from the melting Antarctic and you should prick up your ears if you want to escape being flooded.

    Kadi Estland (born in Pärnu in 1973) is the founder and user of Nancy Nakamura’s Shelf of Ideas and a poet. She has written two online books of poetry Curriculum Vitt (2016) and Rõõmuravi inimvare (2017). She is about to publish her third collection Siirus on Viirus.

    “Guilty-Not-Guilty Pleasures”

    YASMYN has collaborated with Lisa Salvajeh and Kimberly Anderson to take you on a hot adventure where you will meet several of their alter egos. It is a production where the aesthetics of various eras have been integrated with a lip sync show. As it is Friday the 13th, aka Freaky Friday, prepare yourself to meet your favourite R&B and hip-hop artists in a new rich sauce. So be there and we will guarantee that you will not experience anything like it anywhere else.

    YASMYN is an independent contemporary hip-hop artist of Estonian and Dominican origin. Her stage presence has been described by various international publications as a hypnotic mix of modern R&B, trap, pop and house. She did not waste any time becoming a star – last year, she released her debut album and was nominated as Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B Artist of the Year at the Estonian Music Awards alongside Reket and Nublu. Her music is full of confidence that takes over the audience and makes them want to dive deeper into the lyrics and music.