“All that goes right” is a result of four dancers coming together who are observing their own actions and perception through language and text building. It is a search for social boundaries and when they are crossed. It’s also a question how these four seemingly harmless personas can carry prejudices that exclude those who are from a different social group. Different ways of thinking are applied, in order to see how exclusion occurs. The interest lies in looking at how a simple opinion can turn into a set of rules among a group. How to transform from being a defined subject into a defining entity?

Biofilm is the accumulating filth between the stove and the cupboard in the kitchen. We know that it’s there, easier to be ignored than to be dealt with. We use the biofilm as a thinking space and give no promises to attempt cleaning it.

We, The Biofilm Sisters, are white heterosexual women admitting to have middle class dreams. We are harmless and adorable, wondering when the border of becoming dangerous is crossed.

Alise Madara Bokaldere is a freelance dancer and choreographer, working in Riga, Latvia. Graduated The Latvian Academy of Culture in June, 2018. She has been nominated for “best choreographer” and her performance “Manu acu tulkojums” / “The Translation of my eyes” has been nominated in the category “Dance performance” in the first Dance Awards in Latvija, 2019.

Mari-Liis Eskusson is a freelance dance artist who has studied dance in Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy. Her debut performance “vägisi” (Sõltumatu Tantsu Ühendus 2014) was nominated for the annual dance award. She has worked as a dancer, choreographer and as a dramaturgists with Arolin Raudva, Raho Aadla and Kristiina Vilipõld in the performances “The Old Man and the Sea” (Von Krahl and Linnateater 2015), “Näkipunuja” (Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava 2015), “DI” (Tallinna Tantsuteater 2016), “Beetareaalsus” (Urban festival “UIT” 2017).

Katrin Kreutzberg has graduated from Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy (Performance Art department, Dance Art). For the last six years she has been working as a professional Group Training instructor and as a freelance dancer and performance artist. Her biggest collaborations so far as a dancer have been with Estonian National Opera (“Rinaldo” and “A nation born of shock”) and with choreographer Raho Aadla in the performance “Voomavoos” (Tallinna Tantsuteater 2018). She has mainly been active as a solo performance artist.

Arolin Raudva is a freelance dance artist. She is one of the co-creators and performers of “Olmeulmad” (2016) and “Olmeulmad 2” (2018) (both were nominated for the annual Dance Award), she was the choreographer for Martti Helde’s visual performance “The Old Man and the Sea”. As a dance art graduate of Viljandi Culture Academy (2013), Arolin is now working as a dancer/ performer and a choreographer/director for both stage and camera.