Dear friend!
Join us as we celebrate my 65th year of life. Years come and go, and with them worries and joys. Together we´ve gone through mill, we´ve laughed, we´ve cried. Now it´s time to reminisce over it all.

Yours truly
Aunt Õie

"Aunt Õie's 65th Birthday" is an existential-utopian comedy in one act. It takes place in an installational, two-floor living space. The audience arrives at the party, Õie's apartment is cramped, but the more the merrier. Let's celebrate the years we lived together, let's look at the pains of the past and the being of the present. As the quote goes: youth is a beautiful time, youth never comes back!

Urmas Lüüs (b. 1987) is an artist and designer who works on the borders of visual art and performing arts. In his work, he combines video, body, performance, conceptually charged consumer objects, photo, sculpture, word and sound into a cross-media whole. He has acquired a bachelor's and master's degree in blacksmithing at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Lüüs supervises students at the Estonian Academy of Arts, the Performing Arts Department of the Viljandi Academy of Culture and the metal arts department of the University of Gothenburg. In the past, he has also taught at the Rietveld Academy in the Netherlands, the Chinese Academy of Arts, Silpakorn University in Thailand and Hiko Mizuno College in Japan. He also writes about art, design, theater and contemporary crafts for various cultural publications.