seceiDear Audience, we are most happy to invite you again to listen to the concerts by awarded contemporary music ensembles and to vote for the best pieces by young composers! The Finale of the contest for young composers: DYCE 2 - Discovering Young Composers of Europe 2.
4 ensembles
4 regions in Europe
12 selected pieces for ensemble (3 each region)
8 selected pieces for solo (2 each region)
4 storytellers to open up the idea of DYCE and introduce all the selected composers to the
whole world!

After the concerts and voting, DYCE commissions:

  • the 8 composers of the solo pieces will be commissioned with a new solo piece
  • among the 12 composers for ensemble, 4 will be commissioned with a new piece for ensemble. These 4 "further selected" composers will be chosen by the audiences and the musicians after the concerts (one in each region).

Four concerts by four ensembles, in the four partner cities, with a streaming broadcast from each concert hall to the other three. Audiences will accordingly be able to listen to the 3 best pieces for ensemble and 2 pieces for soloist from each region, i.e. 20 pieces: 5 in live by ensemble U: in Tallinn and the other 15 in streaming. The audiences will be able to vote and select 4 winning scores from the pieces for ensemble they listened to (live and in streaming), 1 from each European region. The four winning composers and all the solo composers will be commissioned to compose a new piece for 2023.

DYCE 2 storytellers Leo Geyer, Emily Macrander, Lucy Gohm, Otso Väisänen

Schedule of the evening:


Pieces for ensemble:

Tze Yeung Ho (1992) "vihik (b) / shulamite (e)" (2018) for flute, violin, cello and piano
Liisa Hõbepappel (1994 "On the Seashore of endless worlds children meet" (2020/21) for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello
Péter Tukora (2000) "Nephele" (2022) for clarinet, violin, cello, percussions and piano

Pieces for solo:
Sofie Meyer (1991) "Cyanocitta / Magic" (2022) for flute
Jee Seo (1985) "On Fever" (2016) for flute

(17:00 pause 30 min)

17:30 TALLER SONORO (live streaming)

Pieces for ensemble:
Emre Eröz (1995)
Demian Flavio Rudel Rey (1987)
Konstantinos Zisimopoulos (1994)

Pieces for solo:
Guillermo Cobo García (1991)
Bernat Cucarella Sifre (2001)

(18:50 pause 40 min)

19:30 ENSEMBLE CIKADA (live streaming)

Pieces for ensemble:
Inga Margrete Aas (1989)
Samuel Messer (1988)
Anibal Vidal (1991)

Pieces for solo:
Frederik Zeuthen (1996)
Niki Zohdi (1997)

(20:30 pause 30 min)

21:00 DIVERTIMENTO ENSEMBLE (live streaming)

Pieces for ensemble:
Seong-Jin Hong (1989)
Pasquale Punzo (1987)
Otto Wanke (1989)

Pieces for solo:
Filippo Lepre (1995)
Dativo Tobarra (1993)

It will be a long day! But a pleasant one. An opportunity to gather and listen in a new way, to share moments of confrontation and of livelihood.