”Enter the enter” focuses on the fine tuning between real life and created situations. The project analyses the expectations (on the horizon) of all the performative venues in Estonia.

During ”Enter the enter” process, the audience entrance calls from all the Estonian performing arts venues were collected. Entrance melody that usually starts the preparation of the show and is the sign to take the seat will be this time the main character on stage. Besides different listening and information sharing experience ”Enter the enter” consist also analytical perspective.

Selected thoughts and questions of what the process deals with:
• How to get ready?
• Why this certain kind of tone? Is it suitable / in harmony with this particular venue?
• What to do when performance and entrance invitation (and venue) does not match?
• Why this certain melody is (usually) repeated 3 times?
• What is the background / history of this long-living tradition?
• Etc.

There has never been a situation where all Estonian theatres and performing art venues are identity-wise connected in one process. Also, the aspect that Estonian performing arts venues are quite unique because of that tradition of having really individual and characterized entrance calls. This small step between staged situations and life is now on focus.
”Enter the enter” as the preparation for the connection between the spectator and spectacle.