The final performance of Nele Tiidelepp's When Coming To the End of The Sentence We've Forgotten Where It Began is followed by a finissage!

On this occasion, there will be ants1 karaoke in the bar, i.e. everyone who wants to sing, will be accompanied by the band ants1, which has performed in Intsikurmu and lots of other places. Members of the band are Henri Särekanno, Ats Kruusing, Andreas Kübar, Ekke Janisk and Mattias Jürgen Veller.

A wheel of fortune made by the artist Cristo Madissoo will also be rotating in the bar.

ants1 is a collective of contemporary artists whose form of expression is a band in the most literal sense. In other words, ants1 is a band - define a band! The sound language of the group captures the rhythms from punk to bossanova and the lyrics connect the themes of segregation, thug culture, natural hatred, but also friendship, love, self-fulfillment and other tense stuff. The collective grew out of EKA's contemporary art parties and the irresistible desire to belong to a proper boy band.

Cristo Madissoo is an animation and video artist who knows how to bake a cake out of feces. In addition to video, one of his mediums is also space-related installations and other tricks, both in an urban space and, for example, in a bar.