We met and we became one

Fish out of water is a performance that investigates partnerships brought on by love (and sex drive).

When does falling in love become love and when does love become we? Is the we that comes with love perfection or dissonance? Is the we that comes out of emotionally melting together a new creature or do the personalities stay unchanged?

And if that we is evolutionarily stronger, will we one day grow into one with our partners and create a new species?

Fish out of water is a collaboration between Lemoot company and Koidu Art House.

Johhanna Anett Toomel is a dancer, performer, teacher and someone who loves to talk and write about dance. In her work she discovers the human body and the possibilities and restrictions it creates for movement. In recent years she has been actively looking into the essence of a performing artist, trying to figure out the possibilities it offers to art. While directing she tries to find balance between dance and performing arts, melting together big stories and corporeality.