I am sitting in the car, snowy and pointy trees are passing by. Behind the trees, there are square houses with muffled home sounds coming from them. There’s a song playing on the radio ,,...We all grow old’’. I can see movement from one of the houses, until they close the curtains.

I change the radio station.

Performance ,,cereal fell down and milk on top of it’’ touches the topic of nostalgia as a coping mechanism though also something eerie, which has an addictive touch. Nostalgia is treated as something which has the ability to overwrite itself and sway the touch of reality. Inside rooms in room perspective, emerges familiar but now only partially or overall not accessible spaces. Performers give up their sense of security and identity, because the decision has been made and now they’re here.

,,As a child, every day I was forced to eat unappetizing food. I sat for hours and watched pieces of meat moving in foggy soup liquid. Now there’s no-one forcing me to sit behind the table, but I have to, because simply can't do otherwise.’’ - Jaana Persidski

Jaana Persidski (1999) is a University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy graduating dance student. Grown up in Lasnamäe and graduated in 2018 from Estonian Dance Agency Dance School, Jaana integrates paintings, video- and applied art into her works. Her main focus is visual art, fiber art and performance.