KRÕÕT JUURAK has staged conflicts at work, performed for pets or let their one-year-old child direct. As a choreographer and performance artist, Krõõt Juurak tends to self-sabotage, likes to get caught up in the awkwardness of the moment and believes more in the dramaturgy of the attempt than in its success. Most recently, Juurak discovered the genre of stand-up comedy for themselves, however with Juurak the audience might have to wait longer for the punchlines. But maybe the performance and the joke work, even if they don't mean to be funny? Because Krõõt has mastered the great art of comical awkwardness.

Krõõt Juurak, born 1981 in Tallinn, is an artist, performer, stand-up comedian and dancer. They studied choreography at ArtEZ and Fine Arts at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. Recent exhibitions and performances include “SCHOOL” at Tanzquartier, Vienna (2023), the Baltic Triennial 14, Vilnius (2021); “You’re So Busy” at Shedhalle, Zürich (2021, 2022); “Thinking Like an Octopus” at Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, (2021); “Art for Animals: A Perspective Change” at Opelvillen Stiftung, Rüsselsheim (2020, 2021); “Cohabitation” at Silent Green, Berlin (2021), among others.