SCREAM BOX is a concert-performance that focuses on tiny vocal cords and big screams. Screams of fangirls? Screams of birth or death? An open mouth is just an image; moist chords do the work. Their slimy dance is small and quite repetitive - together, apart, together, apart. Like kids' games or ferocious experiments between tireless lovers. Through a slippery canal, we descend to the anatomy of crying lies and most open confessions.

There are two performers on stage.

Florian Wahl is an Estonian musician and post-geographic trickster, whose work varies from hyperpop to German schlager.
Liisa Saaremäel is… a fan.

Liisa Saaremäel (1992) is a freelance performance artist and actress. Her artistic work and research focus on societal coexistence from the perspective of an individual, in which compressed tiny space is an essential poetic component. Recently she obtainined a MA degree from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater in contemporary performing arts (CPPM). Her diploma work and site-specific performance “Tiny Home Production presents: SUUREM-KUI-ELU (2021)” won an Estonian theatre award in the performance art category.