An undercover sewing-session with fabrics, scissors, needle and a thread being the starting point in creating one's own fictional entity. In the workshop we create, edit and compose material on a minimal-maximal, personal-public, performative-mundane scale. The priority is to create a comfortable, carefree environment where one can freely navigate in - as an expert of their own body. Being a spectator / audience is secondary. Exercises that invoke creation and a setting where one can unnoticeably be influenced by another. Next to recycling fabrics, we will think if it is finally time to also start recycling ideas.

Netti Nüganen (Vienna / Tallinn) is a performance artist and a choreographer. She gained her entrance to the scene through music, circus and dance which she studied before gaining a BA in choreography at the School for New Dance Development / Amsterdam. Being influenced by such variety of genres makes her treat everything that is known with careful deconstruction and everything unknown with vigilant attention. She uses the performative moment as an occasion to create new ways of storytelling that could rupture the existing structures and habits. Through her stage and video works she creates characters like weightlifter, teenage vlogger, detective, historian, cowboy and more. Building narratives while deconstructing them is a method to explore the gaps between recognisable references and language. As a doomer, she looks for ways to (re)establish connections with the past, which would enable an intentional look upon present and extend the perspective towards the future. Since 2016 her works have been shown in Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tartu Art Museum, Batard Festival, KIM? gallery, Uferstudios, Lisbon Film Festival, My Wild Flag festival, Jason Platform and more. Next to that she has been touring since 2017 with Florentina Holzinger’s performances “Apollon”, “Tanz” and "Ophelia's Got Talent".