With Solos and Duets, Meg Stuart and Damaged Goods add a new chapter to their genealogy.

The program revisits both the past and the present, combining a selection of solo works and duets (Signs of Affection, Inflamável) with excerpts from evening-length performances ("No One is Watching", "Built to Last", "UNTIL OUR HEARTS STOP"). Performed by dancers and musicians who have been part of Damaged Goods for several years, Solos and Duets offers a glimpse into an oeuvre that continues to live, grow and transform.

The performers Vania Rovisco and Márcio Kerber Canabarro move with enchanting precision. (Petra Paterno, Wiener Zeitung, 01.08.18)

The great strength of Meg Stuart's work lies in the tension between great abstraction and the meaning and meaningfulness buried deep within, and at times pure energy, generated and contained by movement, ever eluding interpretation, and transferred to the viewer in a unique way. (Rando Hanneman, Tanzschrift, 2018)

A powerful and emancipatory climax to a showing that offers a very diverse look at Meg Stuart's oeuvre. (Wera Hippesroither, PW-Magazine, 07/08/2018)

Meg Stuart (US) is a choreographer, director and dancer who lives and works in Berlin and Brussels. With her company, Damaged Goods, founded in 1994, she has created over thirty productions, ranging from solos and duets such as Blessed (2007) and Hunter (2014) to large-scale choreographies such as VIOLET (2011) and CASCADE (2021), video works, site-specific creations like Projecting [Space[ (2017-2019), and improvisation projects such as City Lights (2016). Stuart’s work moves freely between the genres of dance, theater and visual arts, driven by an ongoing dialogue with artists from different disciplines. Through fictions and shifting narrative layers, she explores dance as a source of healing and a way to transform the social fabric. Improvisation is an important part of Stuart’s practice, as a strategy to go into physical and emotional states oar the memory of them. She passes down her knowledge through regular workshops and master classes in- and outside of the studio.

Meg Stuart received several awards in recognition of her oeuvre, among which the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Biennale di Venezia in 2018.