Stina Force is a one-woman-punk band. She sometimes kills with a powerful voice, sometimes seduces until exhaustion. Her howls are not bare words; they are fused with spits and fluids, a certain wetness. She uses the hammering of her drums and a wide range of vocals to experiment and improvise a concert that is never the same. A play between steady and unstable states becomes a thrilling and nerve seeking force.

Stina Fors is a choreographer, performance artist, drummer and vocalist, born in Sweden – currently based in Vienna. She has toured with her one-woman-punk band in various music, dance and theater festivals around Europe as well as in the U.S. There are no recordings of the music, the material is created live in the moment. Stina explores what a ‘sounding body’ can be in a repertoire of solo performances. For example her latest solo work A mouthful of tongues that premiered at brut Wien in 2022. Stina was a part of the improvised goth jazz duo SEKT (NL) and she also collaborates as a drummer, performer and vocalist in works of other artists.