Why curate collectively? How to do it efficiently? What are the different ways of collective curation? The symposium seeks to examine the idea of collective curating both on theoretical and practical levels. The symposium, moderated by Eva Neklyaeva, includes a keynote speech by Marta Keil, a panel discussion with curators who have experience in collective curating, and round tables in smaller groups. In the panel discussion Neklyaeva and Keil will be accompanied by curators Sabine Cmelniski (Brussels), Yoko Kawasaki (Kyoto), Maria Arusoo (Tallinn) and Maarja Kalmre (Tallinn).

11.00 Introduction from the team of SAAL Biennaal
11.10 Keynote speech by Marta Keil
12.00 Coffee break
12.15 Panel discussion
13.30 Lunch break
14.30 Round tables in groups
15.45 Coffee break
16.00 Wrap up

First part of the day (intro, keynote, panel discussion) will be live-streamed on elektron.art.

Eva Neklyaeva is a curator with a rather anti-disciplinary practice - finding moments of freedom and meaning in the intersections of multiple forms of artistic expression, writing practice and research. From September 2023, she starts as a performing arts programmer at VIERNULVIER, Ghent. Additionally, she is co-curating Samara Editions – performances by post; organises Afterglow - a series of workshops on pleasure in Milan, as well as serves as a co-curator for SPIELART Theaterfestival in Munich. Her practice also includes teaching curating in the performing arts field at IUAV University in Venice, and writing for various-artists.com. For her work, Neklyaeva received two TINFO awards for innovation in the theatre field, Finnish PEN’s Freedom of Speech award as well as Finnish Sexologists Association’s award for promotion of sexual wellbeing.

Marta Keil is a performing arts curator, dramaturge and researcher, currently based in Utrecht, Netherlands. Her curatorial and research practice seeks for re-enchanting the ways of instituting in the performing arts field and maintaining transnational alignments. Recently, she has curated an artistic research project Breaking the Spell, co-produced by Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig, München Kammerspiele, Performing Arts Institute in Warsaw and Viernulvier in Ghent and collaborated with the New Theatre Institute of Latvia in Riga and Rosendal Teater in Trondheim for The Shakedown project. She regularly publishes texts on curatorial and institutional practices and edited several books on curation and contemporary choreography. Marta holds a PhD in Culture Studies and regularly teaches curatorial practice, recently at the Utrecht University and Jagiellonian University in Kraków. She is a founding member of the Performing Arts Institute (InSzPer) collective in Warsaw.