Crudeness upsets and offends me. I suffer a lot when I see that a man is not refined enough, not gentle enough or lovable enough. Maybe I've been brought up in a strange way, but any rudeness, the slightest indelicately spoken word depresses me! Shit, I dream of Moscow every night, I'm out of my mind... I dream that I'm a professor at Moscow University, a famous scientist. But it's cold here. And mosquitoes.

Yes, if you could start your life over, but with full consciousness. So that if this one life, which has already been lived, were, so to speak, a rough sketch, and the other - a final copy... I guess then everyone would first try not to repeat themselves. Just as we are reborn every morning, Monday and New Year, and fundamentally change our ways of life. Oh God. Perhaps self-irony is really the only thing that can save us from this suffering.

"The Three Sisters" is Ingomar Vihmar's third consecutive stage version of Anton Chekhov's world-famous play. A 120-year-old text proves well that everything will still remain the same: even in a thousand years, man will still be sighing: "Oh, it's hard to live!" — and just like now he’ll be afraid of death and won’t want to die.

Must Kast (Black Box), as a stage, is something that is opened for every possibility, where “theatre magic” can be born out of thin air. Must Kast (Black Box), as a theatre, thrives from that very idea. We believe in theater, where everything is possible. We believe in theater that does not manifest itself through words but by actions. We believe in theater that grows with its audience. We believe in theater that could reach everybody, but without making any compromises in quality.