In a space-time-machine van Bergem and Nüganen appear and speak out dialogues, relating both to ‘ancient’ and ‘the good old’ times. From a livingroom to a casino, a bog and a weapon store they travel and find storylines on a non-linear timeline. Imagine a canopy-bunkbed, waffle hair, a ceramic pillow, a harp.
With choreographic precision and the help of music and dance they create new compositions for a confusing, mystical and advanced world. A live event to see with your future-oriented eyes, while vivid memories blink through.

Laura van Bergem is an Amsterdam born choreographer and dancer. After years of dance training she entered Amsterdam School of the Arts where she graduated the SNDO choreography department in 2018. Prior to her choreography studies she was busy with academic philosophy. She playfully molds her ideas and enjoys placing contradictions into her exciting and often provocative collages. Since 2011 she is part of the group The Imperial Armpits that deals with questions of entertainment by creating performances in party contexts.

Netti Nüganen has graduated from choreography department in SNDO, Amsterdam. Through her video and stage works she tells stories about characters like a weightlifter, a teenager vlogger, a detective or a cowboy, approaching their banal habits through mystification. While finding comfort in contradictions, displacement and pluralism, she treats everything known with careful deconstruction and everything unknown with vigilant attention.