If everything has already been written, then we are going to overwrite all that.

Archive is like an alphabet in a language, raw material from which we can create whole worlds. Only in a context, accompanied by dozens of other items does a document start to make sense, to belong, to talk to us.

This Sunday we will create our own contexts and our own senses out of Kanuti Gildi SAAL’s archives. We will collage personal poems, stories, essays out of artists’ and curators’ texts written during the past 20 years.

It’s a gamble with ownership, history, and memory. It’s a resistance to individualistic originality.

P.S. Created collages would be used in the final residency showing (30 September) upon their creators’ agreement, either under their names, made-up identities or anonymously. It will be possible to get the collages back after the showing or at any other time if the creator changes their mind which is totally okay.

At the residency this September Bohdana would continue developing her methodology of (un)archiving, while looking for the ways to make it happen-with care. For that she would attempt to rework Kanuti Gildi Saal’s archives, piled for the past 20 years and hidden from the human eye in the basement. With documentation as her main tool, she would try to write the space with re- collections of these archives.

Bohdana Korohod (b. 1997) is Ukrainian independent researcher and interdisciplinary artist, currently living and working in Estonia. Within her broader not-yet-established practice she works with found materials, from objects picked-up on the street to overheard stories, which she treats as material for the processes of (un)archiving. Bohdana tries to make it obvious that what she does is creating an unexpected order of what is already there rather than making an original work. Thus, her main tools are documentation which she performs-with text, photo, and video recordings. Currently her artistic research practice is focused on developing the methodology of (un)archiving local-ized (hi)stories.

From May 2020 she's a part of eˉlektron, platform that creates and presents transdisciplinary artworks/performances for both physical and virtual stage.