“While my strategy to satisfy my need for attention has been holding everlasting monologues on stage as speaking my mind, others have found much easier way. They have done the same without the support of Cultural Endowment and performing arts institutions. Distanced from Estonian culture policy. Speaking straight into the camera honestly what's on their heart and then uploading it on web.

Vlog monologues a'la – how I woke up today, how to exit broken relationship as a winner, how to recognize your true self, is it boring today or not, how things really are etc - have received millions of clicks. All the vlogs of course haven't... Often I am their first viewer...

But not always are my performances packed with audience as well... Mostly not... And as with vlogs I don't know who will come to see the show and what the ones who come really see. Is it really art or rather mad artist who would like to stand out somehow? It all seems familiar...But maybe I have been working with the wrong medium? Maybe really a vlog is a way to be? Or not to be... At last? To figure it out I will be spending the whole February at Püha Vaimu SAAL. Perhaps not all alone... Marko Raat promised to lend a camera...”

The choreographer Mart Kangro lives and works in Tallinn. After dancing for several years at the Estonian National Opera, he dedicated himself solely to his own artistic work, in which he often performs himself. Since that time he is closely associated with Kanuti Gildi SAAL. Mart Kangro has collaborated continously with Thomas Lehmen, Christina Ciupke, also with the composer and soundartist Taavi Kerikmäe and ensemble U:, with whom he has been investigating the role of the performer in contemporary live music. Recently he has created two performances for the Theatre NO99 in Tallinn.

Information about the residency: www.saal.ee, www.pyhavaim.blogspot.com

Residency is supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia