It feels like a knot unravelling in the center of my brain.

You feel like your existence is temporarily suspended.

There’s nothing that will be able to stop you or get in your way. And you’re ready to tackle anything, and you don’t fear anything.

Suddenly there aren’t these separations, that we’re not on those separate islands, shouting across to somebody else and trying to hear what they’re saying.

This is reality, this is... I wish I could speak technicolor...

Blissfulness is not a private joy for the chosen one. Everyone can fall into an ephemeral or eternal subliminal state of mind. Most common ways are fast and effective but risky, for example drugs, gambling and orgies.

Luckily these are not the only options.

If you want to blast your senses, you don't have to be a brave wolf or a nut case. You don't even have to reserve the next day for a hangover.

During the “Euphoria” residency we are exploring the sustainable ways to stimulate the pleasure center. More precisely we are examining runner’s high, flow, Samadhi and God’s helmet.

The residency is the first step to prepare for the same themed infotainment-piece.

Marit Sirgmets is a theatre artist from Estonia. She has worked as a freelance director and actress in USA and in Europe. Among other places Black Box Theatre in Oslo, Oskaras Koršunovas Theatre in Lithuania, Von Krahl Theatre in Estonia and LaMama Theatre in New York.

Ann Sofie Godø is a Norwegian scenographer. She has done most of her work for TITS-group based in Scandinavia and has toured with them all over Europe.

Corentin JPM Leven is a French scenographer based in Norway. He has toured with Bianca Cassady (CocoRosie), worked with Robert Wilson (“Adam’s Passion”) and experimented with NYC downtown artists (Witness Relocation, LaMama).

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Residency is supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia