The most important thing for us during the creative process is experimenting with different materials, sound and light. We often find the things we want to say through materials and technology. Our goal is to create a connection between the viewer and the creator, material and idea. We like to create dynamic and playful installations which would be like performances without a human performer. We want the objects, light, sound and the materials to be the ones to tell the story.

Nerd Studio is an art collective created by Jari Matsi and Judith Parts in 2017. The aim of the collective is to use technology in a playful way creating new experiences. Nerd Studio has exhibited its works in different festivals (Arvamusfestival 2017 in Estonia, Pomezia Light Festival in Italy 2018, Licht Festival Luzern in Switzerland 2019). Jari Matsi is a light and multimedia artist who has been involved in different theatre productions as a lighting designer and a technician .He has also created multimedia installations and participated in exhibitions. Judith Parts is a musician, sound designer and a sound engineer who has created music and sound design for different theatre, dance and video productions.