Henri and Tencu and installative cognitive space.

Harmonic structures can be found in every time based pattern: what goes up must come down or every working engine has to stop at some point. Beyond functional understanding level, one can find the most loneliest components of impossibilities such as space, state, opticality and magic.

How (and using which tools) does theatre-magic occur nowadays?

Realistically present residency produces realistically un/non-present patterns…

Henri Hütt is an artist / performer whose creative spectre centres around technological performative acts, staged exhibitions, performative installations/installative performances and other "not there yet" formats. He has directed pieces where all (local) theatres are together and also pieces where one can focus on minimalistic microtonal afterlife. Henri is also part of MIMproject team and coordinates dance-art media-art network DAMA in Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

Tencu (Andres Tenusaar) is a freelance animator, director and video artist at his studio Peata Film. Besides films and music videos he has also provided stage video and animation for theatre plays, created video mappings and installations, worked together with numerous musicians as a VJ and also composed original film soundtracks for films.

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