We are interested in the relationship between light and body. To put them two in a shared concentrated moment, where they can team up and take the space together.

Our curiosity towards heroes and the way a hero is lit or could be lit, brought us to a wish to research more closely how light could represent a certain power position and how light itself can evoke the feeling of being powerful.

How do you light a hero? How bright is a hero?
What kind of a hero? Very well lit hero!
Oh, there is a hero! My hero! My hero!
Where is the hero? No, too dim for a hero.

Hanna Kritten Tangsoo is a choreographer and light designer.
Markus Daßau studied jazz drums and is working as a sound designer recording and mixing records as well as playing in bands. He is active in a variety of genres from improvised music to rock or performance art.
Hanna Kritten and Markus are based in Berlin.

Recidency is supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment.