ALFA is a contemporary dance piece and a concert, that investigates human ego. Foremost it seeks to achieve visual wholeness and puts loads of attention on the energy on stage. ALFA is an individual, in whom theres a constant battle for power in between different polarities. ALFA is dominant. ALFA is feministic. ALFA is a struggle. ALFA is the battle of thoughts to reach for love. ALFA am I and ALFA are you. In order to surrender fully you must think with your heart and let the mind run free.

Helina is a member of Twisted Dance Company since 2007. She makes music under the name HAŠŠ and gives dance classes at Tantsugeen. She started dancing at the age of 13 at StudioOne dancestudio. Later she became a student at Prodance Dance Center, where she also started teaching others. To this day she has been more in the role of a dancer but lately started to experiment also as a director/choreographer. She has a strong street dance background, which in the past three years has become more contemporary dance oriented. ALFA is the first longer piece that Helina has created by herself and is also her BA degree final work.