The defence of the MA theses of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design of the Estonian Academy of Arts is a public event open to everybody.

The topics explored by MA students cover a wide range: from the contemporary emergency shelters to the architecture of the Gods, from the space created for recreational sports to digitally enhanced spatial experience. There are both current topical issues as well as universal research topics, such as a space for dying and an environment supporting people with dementia and their loved ones. One of the papers explores the possibilities of revitalizing Narva city; another: the interaction of ecology and the built environment on the example of Valgejõe. Emptying cities and cities on the move are explored, the living environment of a mobile human is conceptualised, as well as the path of a child moving about in a city, and a contemporary school environment. There’s research into public space as well as commercial; one of the thesis papers looks into balanced spatial development of coastal areas. And finally, a fresh look into critical regionalism is proposed. Altogether 17 theses are expected to be presented.
MA students will discuss their work with the following evaluation committee members: architect Peeter Pere, philosopher and Ph.D. student in the Faculty of Architecture Eik Hermann, head of the Faculty of Urban Studies Maroš Krivý, architect Siiri Vallner, head of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning Toomas Tammis and external evaluators Klaske Havik (assistant professor of architecture at Delft University of Technology) and Panu Lehtovuori (Professor of Planning Theory at Tampere University of Technology).