Imagine this place where you find yourself reconnected to everything you have discarded, deleted or thrown away. Objects, thoughts, relations you had already cut yourself loose from and forgotten about, now they are all there again. They are yours, you care about them. You reverse, re-value, re-invest. Every thing is worth something. When does your trash stop being your trash? Think an inverse world, for instance that scene in Bunuel’s The Phantom Of Liberty where hosts and guests shit together around the dinner table and eat alone in the toilet.

Oblivion is a performance with everything Sarah Vanhee would have thrown away during one year working and living. It is a slow celebration of things unhidden.

Sarah Vanhee's artistic practice is linked to performance, visual art and literature. It uses different formats and is often (re)created in situ, with projects occurring in living rooms, a prison, during business meetings, in the park, …
Her most recent work includes The C-Project, Turning Turning (a choreography of thoughts) (Frascati Producties & CAMPO), Untitled, Lecture For Every One (CAMPO) and I screamed and I screamed and I screamed (Contour).
Vanhee is co-author of the art book Untranslatables - a guide to translingual dialogue and author of The Miraculous Life of Claire C and TT.
She also coaches, teaches, and writes interviews and texts. Her work was nominated for the Ton Lutz prijs 2007 (honourable mention), Prix Jardin d’Europe (2010) and the VSCD Mimeprijs 2012.
Her trajectory at CAMPO started off with the lecture-performance Me and My Stranger (2009). In 2011 she created the piece Turning Turning (a choreography of thoughts) (Frascati Productions and CAMPO), in collaboration with two performers and a number of scholars from the fields of philosophy, neuro-linguistics, psychoanalysis, mathematics and performance theory.
In 2012 she started Untitled. This project consists of a series of individual visits to private houses where people talk about the art works they have at home. Untitled has taken place in different cities, such as Leuven, Brussels, Frankfurt and Gent, in collaboration with local art venues and citizens.
In August 2013, Sarah Vanhee made an installation together with inmates of the prison in Mechelen (BE): I screamed and I screamed and I screamed. This project was hosted by Contour 2013. 
Spring 2013 Lecture For Every One took off, a series of unannounced artistic interventions in different places where people gather together for a specific purpose, either private or professional. Lecture For Every One is a short lecture on contemporary society as a co-creation by every-one, traveling from banks to football teams and city councils. On 2014 she visited Tallinn with her lecture-performance "Lecture for Every One" at August DanceFestival.