THIRST as a cinematic environment is open at 24.11 from 16:00 to 23:00 and 25.11 from 12:00 to 19:00

THIRST is an audiovisual film installation depicting the Atlantic Ocean during a fierce storm. The documentation of the visually and sonically expressive marine landscape was produced in the Faroe Islands as single-shot uncut registration of violent storm with a sound recording. The audio-visual installation invites to enter the landscape of troubled waters, wind, rain and noise and to observe and listen to it from a distance, the action impossible in the natural circumstances when admiration is replaced with fear. The work is presented as a large-scale cinematic installation in a dark space. The back-projection screen is positioned at floor level for audience free to walk around to offer an experience similar to that of attending an ocean coast.
The projection screen is reasonably large and accompanied with a sufficient sound
amplification to match the sonic effect heard during a storm.

THIRST is envisioned as a visual monument to the ocean during violent storm, a
documentary that offers a singular view to dynamic landscape produced by agitation of large masses of water, never at rest, wind and rain. The inspiration for this idea came from a personal experience of a storm that would be impossible to tell otherwise than visually.
In order to facilitate the transfer of the austere ocean landscape from the natural conditions to an indoor space, it is necessary to employ a mode of presentation
as truthful as possible by technical means.
In order to accomplish this task, the following strategy was devised.
The filming was carried out during the period of winter storms in the Faroe Islands on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The documentation of the visually and sonically expressive marine scene was produced as a single-shot unedited registration of a violent storm, with a live sound recording. It was shot from a steady ground of the coast, so that the camera view coincides closely with a human perspective when standing on the firm rock of shore.
In technical terms, the filming resulted with 4k material of cinema quality and
duration of ca. 50 minutes.

The work of Voldemārs Johansons merges his interests in art, sound and science. He creates experimental projects that synthesize art and sound and explore diverse phenomena representing the experience through audible forms and spatiality of sound as well as building environments from visual and acoustic structures. His research interests address organic combination of acoustic information and spatial forms in creation of sonic environments and sculptures, examining the joint morphology of acoustic, visual and spatial domains. In his work the borders of visible and invisible perception dissolve creating a synthesized perceptual situations.
"Art has the privilege of being able to speak about the unproven, the unrecognized, thus broadening the horizons of thinking," comments the author.
Johansons has participated in Venice Architecture Biennale, ArtGENDA, Ruhrtriennale, WAVES, music festivals TodaysArt (Hamburg), Sound Forest (Riga), Unsound (Krakow) among others.
THIRST has been shown in Santarcangelo dei Teatri (Italy, 2016), Kochi Biennale (India, 2016 -2017), Festival Parallèle (Marseille, 2017), Great Amber Concert hall (Liepaja, 2017), M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark (2017- 2018), Vooruit (Ghent, 2018).