I feel your feelings when I’m inside of you
Please. Come. Let’s be together, for a little while
Lust 1-100
I am coming.

Experimental journey on the birth of sexual desire.

Keithy Kuuspu is a young choreographer who is fascinated by everything that is authentic. She gets her inspiration from the reality surrounding her and enjoys synthesizing it into movement. Her special interest is human relationships and how people affect each other. She is interested in those processes which allow the energy between two people to come to life. Keithy is an art director of Tantspiratsioon studio and the main organizer of Battlejämm. In 2017 she created her first dance performance “Palun” in collaboration with Kaisa Kattai, which was questioning and analyzing different forms of dance. “Palun” was also performed at Hiiumaa DanceFestival and at LMTA Theatre Days in Vilnius. In 2018 she was nominated for the price of best movie in the Summer Media Studio in Lithuania, where she wrote script (with Kaisa Kattai and Samuel Koppel) and performed as a dancer.

“IHA” is her BA graduation piece from Tallinn University. It is a part of KorFest 2019.