Caprices is a stage scenery consisting of 24 images that emphasizes the indivisible versatility of visual information. Various genres form material that embodies our version of the time where we live. It is a way to tell a story that is focused on equation: punk plus clinicality. Motion form personal into non-personal and vice versa. Caprices is a exorbitant visualisation of ambitions and complexes. Caprices is something that we can afford ourselves. Art show grande.

Henri Hütt is a beaver bitch whose actions are dominated by the systems of dance art and technology based on studies at the department of Performing Arts at UT Viljandi Culture Academy.

Mihkel Ilus is the incarnation of le roi soleil and has graduated Department of Arts at the University of Tartu.

Artist duo Hütt and Ilus has appeared since 2007. Besides bad habits they share common sense of good taste and are linked by art projects in various countries. Currently they are both doing their MA in Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts.