Brenda walks on the ice. Brenda does this five times per day for a total of 324,859 times. After kilometers of foam ahead on ice, lies a parking lot of baby carriages. Vacuum cleaner circulating around the carriages, sucking the brains and bodies dry, entangling the organs.
The hand is transformed into a tentacle. The brain caught hold of a whisker, which lugged it onto foreign body. Vocal cord stretched out, becoming an umbilical cord, Brenda offered laxative for the seated.

‘Clinic after Boat’ is performative installation presented in the form of a session. An Outcast and imprisoned wanderer set up a clinic with the main motif to deal with amplification and acceptance of disorders. Disorders are being enhanced into improved fictions. The session consists of an uncanny memoir of fragments sucked in by the outcast.

A clinic is open only during active hours. The session is carried out on the hour. In case of an adverse reactions please consult the lab technician.

Madlen Hirtentreu is a free-lance artist. She explores territorial restrictions and the ways out of them through different perspectives, oftentimes inventing new means of manipulation. In her work matter often takes the role of the archiver.
She is participating moderately in different projects and exhibitions in Estonia and elsewhere. She is also active in other fields, whether it is a lab desk, machinery or an office chair.

Performative part of the installation starts at every full hour.
Please register for a suitable session: