SAAL Biennaal comes differently this time – with its own radio. It's a radio which complements, contributes, adds and develops further. A radio which plays with different mediums, with sound vibrations, words and understandings. A radio which moves between texts, forms, shapes, pieces. A radio which tests the boundaries of the works presented at the festival, mediates what resists mediation and expands the time-space around each piece.

A radio that searches.
A radio that creates.
A radio that lives.

There are three formats on the go:

absent translations – a live transmission of the audience member's subjective experience in an auditory or textual format on spot or after the performance. A handshake between mediums, a translation for those who are absent.

.doc – an orgy of interpretations, bacchanal in the landscapes of meanings. Our radio guests interpret, translate, imagine a work out of its previous documentations before experiencing the piece themselves. An investigation into performances' documents.

persona - everything that fits in the format of a conversation.

You can find the schedule here:


shifting signal SAAL Biennaal radio dispatch with Annika Üprus (eng)
A closing talk with SAAL Biennaal 2021 curator Annika Üprus and radio curators Heneliis Notton and Bohdana Korohod. Let's try to see what has happened with both the festival and the radio experiment

persona of Dries Verhoeven and Peeter Kormašov (eng)
On Happiness, drugs and depression. A conversation with the "Happiness" artist Dries Verhoeven and journalist Peeter Kormašov.
Hosted by Bohdana Korohod.

absent translation of Happiness by Bohdana Korohod (eng)
A conversation between the pharmacist-humanoid and Bohdana Korohod within the work "Happiness" of Dries Verhoeven.

persona of Kate McIntosh and Maike Lond (eng)
The works of both Kate and Maike, though coming from different contexts, could be described as being political. Both of the artists also had pieces where a lot (or intentionally none) of the attention was paid to the words. A conversation on performing political utterances. Hosted by Bohdana Korohod.

Sinu Nirvaanale.doc Nele Tiidelepaga
Raadiosaadet "Sinu Nirvaanalest", kus Nele Tiidelepp pakub oma tõlgenduse lavastusele, mida ta kunagi näinud pole, luues kollaaži tunnetest, helidest ja mõtetest.
Saatejuhtideks Oliver Issak.

tõlked eemalviibijatele Poems and Other Emergencies / Nele Suisalu
Chloe Chignelli "Poems and Other Emergencies" tõlked eemalviibijatele, tõlkinud Nele Suisalu. Saatejuht Oliver Issak.

absent translation of Life As We Know It by Alissija-Elisabet Jevtjukova (eng)
A from-the-spot experience of the performance by Maija Hirvanen and Juha Valkeapää "Life as we know it". Translated by Alissija-Elisabet Jevtjukova. Hosted by Heneliis Notton and Maike Lond.

persona of Maija Hirvanen with Margaret Tilk (eng)
A talk with the "Life as we know it" artist Maija Hirvanen and semiotician Margaret Tilk. On the impossibility of working alone, the act of imagining, performing with different living beings and walking.

persona of Yulia Arsen (eng)
A conversation with the artist Yulia Arsen and her performance "Plastic Bag". On feeling safe with your ideas thanks to a language you use, femininity, identity and gender stereotypes, and vulnerability. Hosted by Siim Tõniste.

persona of Adriano Wilfert Jensen and Karolin Poska (eng)
Adriano's and Karolin's experience with SAAL Biennaal festival throughout the years. On artistic practice of moving between countries and contexts, Adriano's premiere of "mixed feelings", Karolin's approach to the form of the art work, and on knowing how someone's feels and how it is to be alive. Hosted by Oliver Issak.

Eden Detail.doc Kristel Zimmeriga
SAAL Biennaal 2021 Eden Detail-i dokumentatsiooniga eksperiment.
Raadiosaadet "Eden Detailist", kus Kristel Zimmer pakub oma tõlgenduse lavastusele, mida ta kunagi näinud pole, luues kollaaži tunnetest, helidest ja mõtetest.

esimene signaal koos Annika Üprusega
SAAL Biennaal 2021 festivali raadio esimene signaal koos kuraatori Annika Üprusega.
Saatejuhtideks Heneliis Notton ja Oliver Issak