installative, performative & sonic hybrid form

Lunar Episodes and Damp Squibs explores the altered stages of consciousness
and the unpredictable nature of the dream world reality. Dreams in their essence do not lie, do not falsify, do not disguise: they appear as they are. We spend nearly half of our lives asleep, yet we do not know where our mind wanders when our brain rests.
In a performative environment, the audience is invited to move freely around the room, spend time, reflect and have a rest. Visual, sonic and performative interventions fill the room with different information and moods, creating transient moving compositions.
Lunar Episodes …, playing with the amplification of the different states of consciousness, is also a celebration of individual mischances, because it is in our dreams and daydreams that we can experience our life events without any kind of self-censorship.

Katrin Essenson is an interdisciplinary performing artist. In art, she is fascinated by the possibility of creating temporary imaginary spaces and autonomous communities where fellow citizens can experience meaningful forms of creative freedom. She considers different means of expression, such as movement, sound and visual image, equally important.