On November 26, a one-day pop-up exhibition with an opening and closing party will take place in the SAAL bar.

Graphic design students Kertu Klementi and Emma Reim are interested in going beyond the boundaries of screen in their practice. They are fascinated by the beauty of different materials, and driven by this, they have created a small magical world in the bar area of Kanuti Gildi SAAL.

"inspect @me" is the first public duo-exhibition of Kertu Klementi and Emma Reim, which invites you to take a closer look and admire. However, this beauty may not be fully noticeable at first glance. Some details are waiting to be found, to be noticed...

Kertu Klementi (1999) is an artist working in Tallinn and currently studying graphic design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Her work is not limited to graphic design, but also manifests itself in painting, street art, photography and sculpture. Klementi's works express vulnerability, loneliness and confusion, and through misty and mystical worlds, she juxtaposes difficult emotions and the surrounding beauty.

Emma Reim (2001) is a graphic designer working in Tallinn and currently a student at the Estonian Academy of Arts. In addition to graphic design, her creative practices incorporate elements from both metallic art and mixed media. Reim's works cross the digital boundary typical of graphic design and materially enter the technical level. She considers the process and experimentation to be the most important part of the works, during which new possibilities and lines of thought can be born.