The performance "Pushing Daisies" focuses on stimulation and death in a collectively shared experience - gives notice but does not keep from it. Socially recurring phenomenon are designing personas. Enacted public programming - mediating sensibilities from the barbaric use of media semiotics to finely shape the behavioural mind, leaving ambiguity where the need precedes supply or where the offer motivates demand. The performance attempts for desperate effect considering vulgarity and the formation of universal compositions. Visibly passive, covertly active communication will be presented with icons.

Sigrid Savi has worked as a freelance dancer at Tallinn Dance Theatre, Ugala Theater, STL, Vaba Lava and has been active since 2015 after graduating from the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. Sigrid currently lives and works in Berlin. Her works are characterized by brutally naive techniques both in structure and performance. In her creative work, Sigrid emphasizes on the experiential perspectives from the viewer audience and on the stylistic accordance, learning to consciously work with and apart from the canons.
Her first solo work "Imagine There's a Fish" has been presented in addition to Estonia in Norway, Germany, Scotland, Latvia, and Ukraine. The collaboration performance with Jon Konkol "Not this pillow fight" (2018) has been performed in New York and in Berlin.