Some things never make it to the archives. Some archives never make it to the public.
We humans keep trying to capture, to tame the past. To fold it, pack it and hide on the shelves of the dark cold rooms. We let it live in the objects, documents, texts.
But whose past gets to live on? What are those pasts' futures?
And who is taking care of the present in the meantime?

During the month of September Bohdana Korohod has worked with the archives of Kanuti Gildi SAAL, with its rooms, its inhabitants and strangers passing by the windows of the Cellar Hall.

On 30 September at 20:00 she invites you to join her for the final showing of the residency, where time-tensions and dismantling of the archives await you. Before the showing (from 15-20) it's possible to see an installative performance "T2" by Mihkel Ilus and Marten Esko upstairs.