“tegeele” is an abstract choreographical thriller where the protagonist finds herself in situations in which previous experiences are of no help, exit is impossible and all doors are closed. Absolutely impossible until all that is previously learnt is erased. As it is suitable for a thriller all the knots will be untied at the end – outer threat will become inner being. But before that can happen, the protagonist has to face challenges and understand if falling down is scarier than falling up. She has to discover whether when she is not here, is she then there or is she not at all? A person who closes a door is not the same one who opened it.

Kädi Metsoja has practiced acrobatics and circus since childhood, she has spent her days playing and wandering in the corridors and corners of Von Krahl Theatre and Kanuti Gildi SAAL, taken part in the performances of OMAtsirkus and performed all over Estonia and also in Berlin, Stockholm, Freiburg, Kellenhusen, Washington and New York.
After high school she decided to leave it all, took her backpack and bought a one-way ticket to Spain. The backpack stayed there, she moved on to Berlin. The atmosphere of “tegeele” is driven from that period of Kädi’s life. It’s is a collection of personal and physical constants that can be experienced.
Her movement language is acrobatic, rhythmic and systematic. Since 2011 she has worked as a choreographer and director in OMAtsirkus. She has created three dance and circus pieces - “OMAmoodi 23.12”, “moiste” and “Mina!Mina!Mina!”.