"Look up to the sky and notice the eternal rhythm, where the strength in heart sounds powerful. The sun always rises on its path, the moon watches over us, and God is by our side if you believe it. Life is so simple and yet so mystical, where everything is predetermined, but new opportunities open up every moment. Take firm steps forward, embracing the beauty of truths and the charm of uncertainty." -AI

„Unwavering course: predictable events“ delves into what happens when you start from one point, not knowing where or how far the next one is, but knowing that you will eventually get there. The performance is like a loading icon spinning on the computer screen between the search and the match. It is a place where seemingly nothing happens, but in the background of which nuanced processes are taking place.

Triin Kauber (2000) is a fourth-year student of dance at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. She is interested in stateliness, strange atmosphere, dramatic feel through the lens of irony, the composition of bodies and the performer's strong inner world. In her seminar paper, she studied the phenomenon of the impossible cinematic body, which she continued to work with in the composition work "Fearfully disgusted". She has also participated in various projects as a choreographer and performer, the largest of which is the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academyjubilee production "KasvaMine" (2022) directed by Helen Rekkor (Kauber as choreographer and performer).