"Writing on bodies is a practice that I started with in autumn 2022. The practice explores stillness, intimacy, play and seriousness, new and old ways of being together and looking at the body. The practice is built on unlearning habitual ways and undoing of expectations while at the same time allowing space for different degrees of openness and connection. In the workshop we’ll be playing, drawing and writing poetry on the body. We become, we write and are written, read and are read, and explore the moving breathing book of bodies."

The workshop doesn’t require previous experience in dance, writing or drawing and is open for anyone interested in creative self-exploration. The participants are asked to wear comfortable clothes they don’t mind getting dirty and should be prepared to take off their shoes. Register here!

Eline Selgis (1990) is a freelance dance artist. She graduated from Viljandi Culture Academy in dance in 2016 and received a master’s degree from Tartu University in theatre studies researching intimacy in contemporary performing arts in 2018. Her choreographic practice is based on contemporary dance and improvisation, exploring the relationships between the body, space and dramaturgy. She relates to choreography and movement practices as a way of understanding. She believes in magic and nonsense. She also writes and paints. Her performance ‘ABOUT US—choreographies of hugging’ co-created with Sofia Filippou received the dance award at Estonian Theatre Awards 2023.