In the research leading towards the creation of a solo, I work with the two-dimensional image of the body specific for a theatre. I construct movement, written word and visual material, that in different ways addresses the frontal intention of performative body and its ability to catch attention and effectively direct the gaze. Trieb, translated from German, stands for impulsion, a strong desire to act or do something, in other words a drive, a motivation. My research examines these notions in the context of making solo proscenium work by questioning what motives are at play in such processes and how they manifest in the situation of live performance.

Excerpt from the work in progress:
To see the image with a knife
To hold the cut-up pieces and squeeze and twist and mingle
The image that deceives and the knife that reveals
To grasp
To grab
Eyes like knives
Hands with knives
Human reason produces knives because it works like a knife and it works like a knife because it produces knives

Liza Baliasnaja works with dance, studies philosophy in Brussels and works with artists such as Eszter Salamon, Ula Sickle, Eglė Budvitytė, Mårten Spångberg and DD Dorvillier. Liza makes work both in collaborative context and on her own. She is currently working on a solo called “Trieb”.

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