During the residency Laura Stašāne will focus on the topic of domestic violence and the ways how arts practises can help to cast light on less obvious and hidden aspects of it.
Part of the residency she will be working with the preparation for the local version of the piece “Physical Evidence Museum” that will be re-constructed and presented in Tallinn for SAAL Biennaal festival in August 2021.
Another part of her residency period willl be devoted to developing ideas and formats for a new, heterogenous type of work. Having researched the topic of domestic violence since early 2020 and created two different works that focus on storytelling from the female victims' perspective, she now has the wish to go beyond this direct facing of the domestic violence reality, and look into the more ambivalent, often invisible and masked manifestations of power play and structures behind it.

Addition: Stašāne started to develop the dramaturgical concept for “Fragments”, a site-specific performative event for a residency building.

More info: https://www.evidencemuseum.com/physical-evidence-museum-on-tour