At the residency at Kanuti Gildi SAAL during SAAL Biennaal festival Maija Hirvanen workes with her performance lecture “Pushing Score - Performance Practices in a More-Than-Human Crowd”, and with her current research.
“Pushing Score – Performance Practices in a More-Than-Human Crowd” is based on practices that connect the people present with fungi, stones, other species, remnants and unnamed things. In this performance lecture, we’ll place ourselves parallel to a long time frame, where being human is a part of a duration lasting billions of cycles of the sun. The performance lecture by choreographer and performance maker Maija Hirvanen stretches, in a tangible way, the limit of the senses and that of thought.
“Pushing Score – Performance Practices in a More-Than-Human Crowd” is a part of Maija Hirvanen’s project Performing Interconnections, that she currently started working with also as a member of THIRD Research Cohort, a part of the Research department of DAS Graduate School / Academy of Theatre and Dance, one of the faculties of Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Maija Hirvanen is a choreographer and performance maker based in Helsinki. Her work has been presented at festivals and venues such as Tanz im August/Berlin, ImpulsTanz/Vienna, Sadler’s Wells/Lilian Baylis Studio/London, SPRING Festival/Utrecht, Seoul Performing Arts Festival, Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis and Dansens Hus/Stockholm, Zodiak, Kiasma, Baltic Circle, Helsinki Festival and Moving in November Festival. Hirvanen has participated in and led through several international artistic laboratories and discursive programs. Hirvanen’s work has been exhibited in theatres, public spaces and galleries. Maija’s interests range from the relationship between art and different belief systems, collaborative processes within cultural practices to mechanisms of re-learning. Over the couple of past years, she has been focused on working through more-than-human world view and practices and this world views manifestations on the performing art stage. Her most recent performances and collaborations include performance lecture ”Art and Love” (2017), and stage works “Magic and Despair” (2019), and “Life as we know it” (2020) and “Mesh” (premiering in August 2022).