For a medium that manifests itself in the very same physical space as ourselves, performative arts sure lie a lot. I am interested in phenomena that are out of sight: the backsides, the tricks, the frames. I investigate the space that is before and after a performer activates it.

In this residency I will use scenographic tools to go back to an apartment I used to live in and then continue to explore directions these tools allow me. Most likely a gray area between a space in a memory and it’s recreation or to intriguing depths between imagination and Püha Vaimu SAAL.

Riin Maide is a young artist and scenography enthusiast who lives and works in Tallinn. Riin has studied graphic arts in the Fine Arts Department and scenography in alternative and puppet theater department in DAMU, Prague. She creates prints and installations and occasionally engages in various projects for stage.

Residency is supported by Kultuurkapital.