A research into performative qualities of cars and the subculture called råning (Norwegian) or autooslus (term to be specified in Estonian). We are fascinated by people who have cars and purposeless driving as a hobby. How the cars hang out. How rånere define their freedom of expression and how to use qualities of their car-gathering rituals in performative actions.

We investigate towards a possible carography: a dance piece performed by cars and their owners.

Hazel Barstow (NO) works in the crossover between scenography, performance and fine arts. Her works often derive from details of her own life and society as a basis of storytelling. She is currently investigating the relationship between biography and fiction, and what kind of images we have of each other and our roles in society. A recurring theme in her projects is banality and the use of humour to enhance serious topics. Her performances are usually constructed with a clear frame which allows for improvisations and “stunts”.

Maret Tamme is a developing theatre artist from Estonia. She is currently working on theatre productions in Denmark, Germany and Estonia where her work is in a dynamic flow between scenography, directing and dramaturgy. In theatre Maret appreciates honesty and the potential of void spaces. She is interested in creating sustainable scenography that relates to and questions profoundly the exciting architecture as well as the action in space. As a theatre artist the most important is to be relevant to the present moment.

Information about residency and showings www.pyhavaim.blogspot.com & www.saal.ee

Residency is supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia