attracted to displacement and clumsiness, I operate within the abstract version of a scientist, within the surrealistic version of a realist, within the minimal version of a maximalist. I wanna find alternative ways of understanding the gaps between the ruins of recognizable signs, references and language.
I imagine how one's mind could work ... alternatively... and believe in soliloquy and emptiness.
at noon I load 60kg on my barbell for a utopic-poetic-pathetic, intense physical effort, survival'rich moment - running, lifting, catching, jumping for life.
at nights I dream of an epically minimal one-woman-show, ready to transform from this to that, open for interruptions from any of the millions of characters that reside within me.

Netti Nüganen is a performance artist and a musician. She has studied dance, theatre, music and sports and is now graduating from SNDO, School for New Dance Development.

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Residency is supported by Eesti Kultuurkapital