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Yes, Europe is changing. It is drifting apart. Hatred and anger are uprising, resulting from the mere anxiety of the unknown. Migration is a fluid term. A radical ingredient was added to nationalism. A protective behaviour suddenly sprung making people protect what they consider theirs – and sometimes that are whole cities or countries. Borders are closing, guards protect walls of concrete. We learn about our doorstep on the internet. We learn about our neighbors on the media.

But how to resolve these issues? Research suggests all we need to do is to go out there and talk to strangers, friends, family, immigrants - lastly: to ourselves. A more profound understanding of each other might be a good solution, if not the only. But it is hard to do when you have nothing to say or do not speak the same language. But have you ever considered helping yourself out? Have you ever understood the power of feelings? How will can overcome nearly any obstacles? 

It takes little effort to purchase our medicine. Try it, at least once. It brings out all the good things in you and diminishes all the bad - and it is cheap. But be careful: happiness might be addictive. Once you are on Communicatine - that is the name of our medicine - you might realize what you have been missing out.

Urbanopham Unlimited is a collective of everyone, that supports the positive affections of everyday life. We start where people cannot act as they could. We free people from their everyday anxieties, norms and regulations they have put upon themselves.

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